Jamie Thomas’ Answers To Your Active Questions

Jamie Thomas is definitely influential to thousands of young bros out there. Within the skateboard industry, there are hundreds of skaters to choose from to be your role model. You can either look up to someone like Jamie Thomas for that spiritual guidance, level headed, business minded mentor or you can go the totally opposite end of the spectrum and look up to someone like ANTWUAN DIXON to learn how to get tattoos all over your face.

Jamie had hundreds of questions to choose from. He chose several lucky questioners who were not boring, from the long list on I’m still hoping that Jamie will answer some of my questions.

“So Jamie, you went from having the baldest head in skating to the most hessian. How do you do it?” Or for instance, “Jamie, do you think that Sarah Palin is a bimbo?”

Check out the questions over at ACTIVE.

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Boil The Ocean Top Ten

The year has come to an end and what a year it was. Foreclosures, global recessions, wars, slimy politicians and a new American Idol winner. Despite all that, the skateboard video has only gotten better and is “standing on the shoulder of giants”. There are many videos that come to mind when I think about those outstanding groundbreaking vids. But one definitely sticks out. Although it never got an official release, it sure did get its share of coverage. What I’m talking about is the LONELY SKATER piece debuted by the Berrics. That video has everything in it. Subtlety, technical tricks, crickets. It represents every little kid skater out there.

Well BoilTheOcean just released their Top 10 skate parts of the year. I would really have to agree with their number one slot but I’ve been diggin the Billy Marks and Chris Cole parts in Ride The Sky. Those were just nasty.

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More Footage From Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory

It’s been a long year but this year is nearly out the door and next year will present us with a brand new refreshing start. With a complete revamp of Bush’s totally awesome, totally successful presidency, we will be welcoming a new look to this country’s government with Barack Obama and his administration. Will he be as popular and efficient in running this country as Bush was? All we can do is wait and see. But there are a few things coming next year whose success is all but certain.

First we have the fourth installment of the ever so popular Fast and Furious franchise. I personally thought that RICE ROCKETS died at least 3 years ago but leave it up to Vin Diesel and his close friend and lost in the rummage co-star Paul Walker to revive the hobby. In the music category, we can go down a long list of things to come. But my personal favorite and it’s been a long time coming: the BONE THUGS N HARMONY album. When they’re first album came out over a decade ago, it single handedly created a monster within suburban communities nation wide. Middle-class straight A students morphed into gangstas. It was awesome.

Finally for television, I don’t get a chance to watch much of the tube unless it’s a holiday marathon of my favorite series SMALL WONDER. But those are far and few between. Fortunately Rob Dyrdek’s up coming show, which takes place at his newly constructed “Fantasy Factory”, will be hitting the air next year. If you haven’t seen the skate plaza yet, it’s like THE BERRICS on crack. Sorry, that’s a bad analogy. More like The Berrics on Prozac mixed with LSD. It’s pretty fresh. Check out the new video over at DC.

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Christian Hosoi Featured On “The Daily Habit”

Tomorrow night is New Years Eve. Before you go out and get totally wasted off STEEL RESERVE and Jose Cuervo with your friends in the middle of some desert, or before you put on your make-up, big baggy pants and home made JEWELRY for the massive RAVE dance that night, or before you cut your hair with a ruler, sport your shiniest shirt, and douse yourself with the most putrid smell of ENGLISH LEATHER, which your brother gave to your for Christmas for the SHINEY SHIRT CLUBS, make sure you stay home and pay your respects to one of skateboarding’s legends; sorry, i mean GODS, and check out FUEL TV’s “The Daily Habit” featuring Christian Hosoi.

Christ Cote, still guest hosting the show, will have a nice chat with the legendary stylish skater. Christian’s life has sure had its ups and downs and I’m sure he has plenty of knowledge he wants to share with everyone. Especially you. Especially since you like to wear those ugly SHINEY SHIRTS. So give him a listen.

The show airs tomorrow, Wednesday December 31st, at 9:00 PM. Plus totally punk band Unwritten Law will be there to perform. Also, Jordan Morris chills out with Mike Vallely, Mike Escamilla, and Rick Thorne on the set of the new movie, PAUL BLART: MALL COP.

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Another Night Dedicated To You College Students

There are a few things in life that don’t go together. Drinking and driving for one. Everybody knows that. FRED DURST and music is another. I think he’s doing pretty well for himself behind the scenes. And of course UGG BOOTS. Uggs and people don’t go together. Those things are just awful. But one thing that I do know goes well together is Partying and Snowboarders. Ad in college students and you have yourself an all out wild bash. I’ve always said that snowboarders party the HARDEST.

For all you southern Californians, and those willing to make the drive, MOUNTAIN HIGH is throwing another one of their good ol’ “College Night” parties dedicated to you guessed it, college students. That includes you BARBIZON COLLEGE models. Check out the press release below for all the info.

Wrightwood, CA – Mountain High is bringing a rocking college party to the mountains this winter with its new program, College Night at Mountain High. College Night at Mountain High is a series of three Thursday night parties created to bring Southern California college students together on the snow. College Night will take place from 5-10pm at the Bullwheel Bar & Grill at Mountain High West.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Get On The Supercross Fantasy Bandwagon

I’m really crappy at sports and my lack of athleticism won’t allow me to get picked in the neighborhood pickup games. That’s how sad my life could be sometimes. That’s until I discovered the internet earlier this year where I can partake in all sorts of pseudo athletic activities. I’m in a fantasy basketball league, a fantasy mixed martial arts league, and even a fantasy Lord Of the Rings league. I play Frodo.

The fantasy realm is crossing over into the action sports world. gives supercross fans to live the life of their favorite motocross athletes. Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned vet, playing MotoXDream Fantasy Supercross is super easy. All you have to do is choose 4 riders from each class every week. Then you just sit back and enjoy the race, because MotoXDream will keep track of your points and position throughout the series.

Headlining and offering up the grand prize,, has provided Tommy Hahn’s MotoSport Xtreme Kawasaki KX450F team bike. This scooter isn’t a replica, it’s the real deal. This race bike will be given to the overall winner of the series. On top of that, the weekly swag prizes for the top finishers of each race will be getting quality goodies from this years sponsors like Von Zipper, FMF Casual, No Fear MX, Cycra Racing, Fox, Shift Racing, Sixsixone, EVS Protection, Spy Optics, Rider Down Foundation,, and

The cost to play will be $25. Before you wonder why you should pay, besides the opportunity to win a fabulous Race Bike and weekly swag, MotoSport will donate $5 of the sign up fee to the Rider Down Foundation. And you’ll receive a $20 gift certificate to Basically, it’s only going to cost you a donation of $5 to a great organization helping our fallen riders.

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Tony Hawk Talking Video Games With The LA Times

Wow, two skateboarding articles within just a few days found in the mainstream media. You can’t beat that. Tony Hawk, doing an interview with the other less significant LAT, the Los Angeles Times, talks about his upcoming video game with Activision. Can you believe that he’s been in the video game, game, for about ten years now? That’s crazy. He’s released about a game a year I suspect.

As you probably already know, video games generate billions of dollars annually and Tony’s games have definitely contributed its share. Even shmo’s such as myself who usually could care less about video games got really into the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series. I used to cut class to play Pro Skater at the Virgin Megastore in Hollywood for six hours straight. I must say I got pretty good at it regularly scoring a million points. That’s how savant I am.

But those games didn’t just have a (positive) impact on me as a kid cutting class, but for thousands of skaters everywhere improving on their shred skillz. You can’t deny that those games had some kind of influence on how skaters skate today with all the noseslide, to manual, to kickflip out renditions. Sometimes when watching some of the videos today, I could swear I’ve seen runs reminiscent on Tony Hawk Pro Skater.

Check out the article over at the LA TIMES. If any skater were to reach a billion dollar net worth, it would have to be Tony. He or Willy Manaloto Santos. But not because of his skating, but for his acting chops. That’s right, I have to give another shout out to my favorite skateboard film of all time, THE SKATEBOARD KID II.

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Skaters Taking Advantage Of The Mortgage Meltdown

In certain US cities, I’ve read about fashion and modeling students who secretly live an underground lifestyle with other students who can no longer pay their rents due to high costs of living and even higher tuitions. These students are forced to live in abandoned buildings. I bet the smell is wretched. In other parts of urban American, I’ve read about trannies (transvestites) taking over abandoned business parks for their own drug den and whorehouse usage. I bet it smells extra nasty in there. And finally, just the other day, I saw an episode of MAN VS. WILD, where the host Bear Grylls desperately squeezes out fluid from a pile of elephant dung and into his mouth in order to re-hydrate himself. I’m willing to bet his mouth stunk extra-extra nasty!

We’re all feeling the effects from the current recession. Students, trannies and Bear Grylls according to my examples above are all obviously suffering from this astronomical crisis. But not skateboarders! I’m talking about skateboarders and not so much the skate shops and skate companies. They’re suffering (don’t buy blanks!). Skaters have cleverly discovered ways to enjoy local unoccupied foreclosed homes that include empty swimming pools. Not only are they doing a service to themselves, but they’re also helping out the community by emptying out and drying up the left over stagnant water that can potentially harm the neighboring homes.

I think it’s safe to say that these skateboarders are modern day heroes. Check out the article over at the NY TIMES.

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Jesse Billauer And Nathan Gocke On “The Daily Habit”

Chris Cote took some time out of his very busy work schedule to guest host FUEL TV’s “The Daily Habit” for some up coming shows. Chris will be accompanies by not one, but two great and inspirational surfers in Jesse Billauer and Nathan Gocke. The show airs tomorrow, Tuesday December 30th at 9:00PM.

Plus, Founder of the Athlete Recovery Fund, Aaron Cooke is on the Habit. Also, they caught up with Jesse at the Life Rolls On 5th Annual Night by the Ocean in Hollywood.

Jesse Billauer’s sponsors include: Nike 6.0, Hurley, Al Merrick, Boost Mobile, Honda, Balance Vector and Life Rolls On.

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Are you living in the middle of nowhere, so much so that despite all the demos and autograph postings we advertise on this site, you’ve yet to see a team in your neighborhood, or at least a few hundred miles of your neighborhood? One prime example of a lonely skater was featured on THE BERRICS named SKATE KIM. I bet that’s his real name too. But that kid was so awesome and lonely at the same time, you’ve got to assume that there are thousands of kids like him all over the world. It’s humbling.

A new website called has come onto the scene with a new business model. You can bid on autographed gear via auction and portions of that winning bid will go to your favorite charity.

Now excuse me while I go search out a sweaty Ryan Sheckler t-shirt, or a Nyjah Huston lock.